Friday, November 25, 2011

Moneyball Trailer - Data Analytics in the movies

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  1. Great film and really does a nice job of showing off what we can do with analytics.

    Business question: win more games with cheap players

    Analytics question: which players are most effective at wining games/what are the factors that most influence wining games

    Insight: particular metrics (e.g. "getting on base") that baseball scouts etc typically aren't interested in are most effective at predicting wins.

    Decision: when buying players look for those with good on-base ratings and ignore other distracting factors (e.g. looking good in a uniform)

    I also really liked they way they showed that while analytics gave an edge, the team still had to do all of the things that baseball teams do really well in order to be successful. Analytics just gave them an edge. Analytics is amazing, but it is not a silver bullet.